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  • What does the Premium Stay Down Day Fit $10 subscription include?
    Premium access to STAYDOWNDAYFIT. Your account is tied to a subscription which includes recurring monthly payments. ​ You gain instant access to both #GetDownStayDown (Step Aerobics Class), and "Oh My Glutes!" (The Resistance Band Class), as well as other "Follow-Along Workouts (found on the WORKOUTS tab)
  • Can I access classes at anytime?
    Yes! Once the class has gone LIVE, it is saved in the class's library (found on the CLASSES tab)
  • I have subscribed, how do I access LIVE Classes?"
    LIVE Classes are found on the "CLASSES" tab at the time of class. #GetDownStayDown- Thursdays 7:30pm EST "Oh My Glutes!"- Saturdays 10am EST If you are on the site before class has started, refresh your page at the time of class for the current LIVE class to pop up. It'll be the first, and the biggest video on your screen.
  • Do I need equipment to partipate?
    All of our classes and programs require mimimal equipment. You do not NEED equipment to participate, but it is recomended in order to get the full experience. -Oh My Glutes! CLASS : Resistance Band -#GetDownStayDown CLASS : Step Board and Light Dumbells
  • How do the Programs differ from the Premium Access Subscription?
    Online Training Programs are a one time fee and access does not expire. However, the program is not updated. They are PDF programs you download, and complete on your own. (NOT THE GROUP CLASSES YOU SEE ON IG) STAYDOWNDAYFIT Premium Access is a members only subscription program ($10 recurring fee) with our full classes uploaded weekly that you can do LIVE with us, as well as at anytime. Content is exclusive for members only at a super low price and content is updated regularly! This does not include: "21 Day Fat Burner," "Butts&Guts Program,"Ab Challenge," or "Weight Loss Meal Plan"
  • I subscribed, why don't I have access?"
    Once you have subscribed (signed up for the $10 subscription), you instantly gain access to premium feautures. -CLASSES tab -WORKOUTS tab If you can not access these pages after subscribing, make sure: 1. You are logged in with the email you subscribed with -if you feel as though you are logged in with the email you subscribed with, check to see if you received the automatic email sent confirming your subscription. (check junk folder as well) -if you can not find that email, your subscription is either under another email, OR you made a typo when subscribing. -if you still can not find your subscription, please email us at, so we can try locating your account.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    Log into your account with the email that you subscribed with, click your profile picture, then click "My Subscriptions," and click "cancel." If you decide to cancel after you have been charged, your subscription access will continue until the end of the pre-paid subscription period.
  • How do I update my card on file for subscription?
    You can either: -Let your account automactially cancel due to failed payment, and just subscibe again with your new card information -Manually cancel your subscription, and subscribe again with your new card information.
  • How do I get the Premium Access Classes to play on my television?
    We do not offer technical support with this, but most of our subscribers Airplay or Chromecast from their phones, laptops, or tablets, to their smart tvs. People have mentioned that an HDMI cord works as well.
  • Do the programs expire?
    No, the programs do not expire, but you must download to your device within 30 days of purchase before the downloadable link expires.
  • Receiving Payment Error
    We encourage subscribers to give the system a few minutes to process and to ensure your bank only recoup one payment. If your bank has not recoup the payment, you should try it again after a few minutes, or contact support via email
  • I have more questions...
    We are here to help!!! Contact so that we can answer any questions you have. Customer Service Hours Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm EST Please allow 24-72 hours for response to all email inquiries. Emails will only receive responses during business hours listed.
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